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The valley of Cauterets was lived from the Prehistory. Numerous vestiges (found in particular in Marcadau) give evidence of the human presence in these periods. Romain recognized enough early the thermal qualities of waters cauterésiennes.
In the High Middle Ages, the inhabitants of St Savin lead their herds towards the estives of Lutour. We can think that it is in this period when the valley is going to take the name which it carries even today: La strong smell of sulfur which gets free of sources gives to the place the name of " vallem caldarensem " (valley of the cauldron), or more exactly "Caldarez" who will give "Cauterets" afterward.



In 945, the 1st Count Raymond of Bigorre makes donation of the valley of Cauterets to the monks Benedictines of the Abbey of Saint-Savin. The village of Cauterets is established at the end of the XIth century by Bernard III, Abbot of St Savin. The XVIIIth century and the Lights put back the fashionable balneology.
It is in this period when the cardinal of Rohan, spread from the Court of King of France, goes to Cauterets, taking with him his secretary, Ramond de Carbonnières. Ramond discovers Pyrenees and can never get loose of these its mountains. Pyrénéisme was born..


Travelers, mountain dwellers, walkers, you will not remain indifferent to Cauterets, country of waterfalls, forest roads, (Riou, Lisey, road of the Fathers) valleys which are next to Aragon, close, Nérin, Fanlo, but also of peaks, (Cabaliros, Fache, Péterneille, Chabarrou) of soum, ( round summit) of arraillés, of refuges, (Marcadau, Oulettes, Baysselance, Estom, Ilheou)and there, at the bottom of the valley of Gaube, Vignemale is master of places.... it remembers Chaussenque, Lady Lister, Brulle, Russel, Falisse, Arlaud, Olivier, Ravier, Etienne Florence, and all the others, famous or anonymous... Of the summit, you will see the Cirque de Gavarnie, the Néouvielle, the Ossau, in ......... Travelers, mountain dwellers, walkers, these sites hope you in .......


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